Anyone can overcome fears that are rooted in anger, jealousy, shame, and resentment. One needs to be honest, open minded, and willing to bridge the gap that keeps them isolated. Are you ready to trust and surrender? 

To trust and surrender is not just a notion, idea, or a simple concept. It is a way of life, a way to experience life in complete peace, serenity, and acceptance. It is taking the knowledge of this concept and incorporating it into the core of your being.  Living in total trust and surrender every second of every day will free you to be who you, by nature, already are. A divine magnificent spirit of love and light. 

But just who or what do we trust and surrender to? The answer is simple. To whoever or whatever your own personnel higher power is. As in the teachings of Haidakhan Babaji, this is not sectarian, but supportive of all religions which guide human beings toward a life lived in harmony with the Divine. 

To trust and surrender is to display courage and wisdom. As we walk our path in trust and surrender every day, allowing our higher power to guide us, we will suddenly realize we start to let go of pride, the ego self. We let go of our desire to control everyone and everything around us. We understand that we actually control nothing and in so doing are free from the pressures of ‘trying to make it happen.’ We release the fear that can be all consuming, that we are not good enough, not getting what we want or fear of being rejected. These three fears alone can rule our every decision we make and as we trust and surrender, we are free from that bondage.

When we stop being the center of the universe, we come to realize that we are one with the universe. It is then that we know we are connected to all things, to the infinite mystery.