Steve is the best! And the best can be hard to come by. In my case, it took over a year of trying everything to alleviate debilitating pain in my arm—pain that cost me at least one job and made me wonder if I’d ever feel right again. After months of physical therapy, chiropractic care, medication, and even yoga, a friend recommended I try Steve. Two sessions later and my arm was healed! To this day I’m in awe of his energy work and how he was able to facilitate the release of my chronic pain. I recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone interested to feeling better from the inside-out. – Scott Thieman

Steve, I want to thank you for relieving me of the terrific pain I have had since I fell and broke my humerus bone in 2015.  I have had shoulder pain and restricted use of my left arm since then.  I couldn’t raise my left arm above the shoulder therefore causing me to wash my hair with only my right arm, to say nothing of the pain I endured sleeping.  After one session of Reiki with you I am now able to use both hands for everything and the pain is gone.  I can’t thank you enough and want to recommend you to anyone who is interested in the healing arts of Reiki. Thanks again. – Dolores F.

Steven truly embodies the essence of spiritual healing: using his hands, heart, and mind to inspire the life force within others. While suffering from physical injuries both old and new, Steve offered Reiki as a method by which to move energy and possibly relieve pain. Desperate for relief, yet very skeptical, I trusted his intuition and received much more than I bargained for. Reiki us a multi-purposed healing method in which both the physical body and spiritual core are mended. Physically my Reiki session with Steve helped release the flow of energy throughout my body and relaxed various muscle groups which were causing extreme discomfort. Concurrently, Steve’s healing abilities helped me emotionally by reducing both stress and anxiety; I left the session feeling relaxed, refreshed, and better equipped to deal with life on life’s terms. I personally recommend the healing touch of Reiki Master Steven Palmeri. You will be guaranteed to connect with an amazing person and hopefully find the peace I did from the experience. – Kelsey W.

Steven is an amazing Reiki Master with a deep connection to Spirit. After getting x-rays and being diagnosed with tendonitis and mild arthritis, I was prescribed medications, which I didn’t take, and referred for occupational therapy which didn’t help anything. I finally agreed to steroid injections only to have the pain return a year later. I had Steve do Reiki healing on my elbow, wrist, and finger and after one Reiki session Steve moved the pain completely out of my elbow and wrist, and vastly reduced the tenderness in my finger. After my second session with him, my finger is free from pain. I have been to other Reiki practitioners but Steve is the real deal. I will gladly recommend Steve to anyone looking for the intense, healing energy work he provides. – Lorraine Voss

Steven Palmeri is one of the top Energy Workers I’ve had the privilege and honor of working with. His intuitive blend of breath work, Reiki, Color Therapy and various other sacred modalities he’s learned through his personal Spirit Guides makes his practice unique and rewarding. Steven doesn’t ‘Practice healing to live’ rather, he lives his practice in everything he does. One personal experience I had was a terrible ear infection. Conventional ENT’s had prescribed several remedies which included daily trips to have the infection painfully sucked out with an ear vacuum. At this time my daughter had worked with Steven and asked him to please come and treat me. Immediately after Stevens healing hands performed Reiki, the pain immediately subsided and quickly the infection healed. I worked with Steven several times thereafter and every experience has been extremely healing, specific to my healing needs and has made a life print in my soul. – Wendy Rae Jones

This is a wild finch that was wounded in the backyard. One day he was sitting on the ground and he let me pick him up. I held him in my hands and gave him Reiki. He seemed better and flew to a branch in a nearby tree. He came back the next day and ate from the feeder. Now, when he comes to eat, he lets me pet him.