Breaking Patterns

“You see, everything is about belief. Whatever we believe rules our existence, rules our life. The belief system we create is like a little box we put ourselves inside of; we cannot escape because we believe we cannot escape.

That is our situation. Humans create their own binderies, their own limitations. We say what is humanly possible, and what is not possible. Then just because we believe it, it becomes truth for us.”

                                                                                   ~   Don Miguel Ruiz

We live in a world where we all have been domesticated for millennials that we can’t see any other way. What I mean by that is since the beginning of mankind, we were taught and raised how-to live-in fear. Fear that we are not good enough, fear that we are not getting what we want and fear that we will be rejected.

This practice of believing that competition in all we do every day, all day is unhealthy and feeds our fears. We believe that we are in control when in actuality, we are not. We control absolutely nothing. But realizing that we control nothing brings up our fear that we won’t get what we want. If we don’t get what we want, we will not be good enough, and if we are not good enough, we will certainly be rejected. It is a big vicious circle. One that needs to be broken.

My question is, what are you going to do to help break the pattern? Your pattern? The one that you created from your domestication process?

I’ve read many books on this subject of breaking free. The Celestine prophecy, the shack, the way of the peaceful warrior, the alchemist and of course, the Bible. So many more as well, written years ago and up to this day. They all share an insight of various ways to break free of the pattern of fear that we have created but to this day I have yet to see that people really want to break free. I understand that change is difficult, challenging and even downright scary. But when the reward is so great, personal freedom from the bondage of self, it is worth every second of work we must put in.

While most of these books talk about having to have a higher power of your understanding to obtain this freedom, ones that are Buddhist or Toltec in nature do not. They speak of personal freedom by maintaining a manner of living that DEMANDS rigorous honesty.

The first truth I had to come to understand, believe and work into my core belief system was that I am a divine magnificent spirit of love and light. Before I could even consider quieting the judge inside telling me on a consistent basis, whether conscious or unconsciously, that I’m not enough, I had to come to terms with this one simple truth.

“I am a divine magnificent spirit of love and light”

That is what I, and every single creature on earth is born as. It is the domestication process that quiets that truth and brings to life the judge. The people that we surround ourselves with, saying “You’re a loser, a jerk, worthless and much, much worse. We buy into these negative affirmations from others and they become our belief system.

For me, I asked God for help. When I was absolutely sick and tired of being sick and tired. I turned to a higher power of my understanding. I became willing to turn my life and my will over to the care of God as I understand him, and asked; “I am ready, please help me to change my thought process so I can be of better service to you and my brothers and sisters.” He simply replied, “I’ve been waiting for you to ask.” And so my journey began.

 I repeated “I’m a divine magnificent spirit of love and light” over and over, every time a thought or fear jumped up saying I’m not good enough, or I’m not getting what I want. I countered every negative thought with that saying. I’ve done this for over twenty years now and it is my default saying now. Long gone are the days of me questioning my worth, my motives, my insecurities. They do not exist anymore.

It all started with that one simple truth and I liked it, so I asked for more relief and self-awareness. I comprehend that I am not in control of anything today, and let me tell you what a relief that is. I turn it all over to God and trust his will will be done. I am never disappointed, not once when I let Gods will flow to me. I find I receive more than I could have ever asked for in this way of living.

I continue to read books of personal growth and apply what I find that compliments my soul. Trust and surrender. I had an EGO smash moment. I am not my thoughts or my EGO. I learned what humility is. To my surprise it is not the same as humiliation. I learned how to be humble, I learned how to treat Steven with Honor, Dignity, and Respect. Once I learned that, and only when I learned that, was I able to treat everyone else with the same. I learned what having Integrity meant.

I worked long and hard to incorporate all this into my core belief system. All of these are an intricate part of what makes me me today. I continue to do the work and grow and evolve.

“I am proud of the person I am becoming. My mind set has changed. My priorities have changed. My taste has changed. My tolerance has changed. I am evolving.”

I no longer judge people any more. Not by their looks, ideas, beliefs, or character. And when I do find that thought trying to sneak back in, I am quick to recognize that it is my own fear trying to take control again. I just simply give it over to God.

Today it is that easy, but it takes a lot of work. Everyday, all day, over and over to break the cycle of Fear. To break the pattern. To live life on life’s terms without trying to control it, people, places, and situations to fit my needs and wants.

If we all work on our own personal freedom then the world would be free of hate, anger, resentment and all other fear-based emotions. This is after all the way we were supposed to live here on Planet Earth.

Again, while I agree this is demanding work, the reward is so liberating that why wouldn’t one want to put in the effort, to be happy joyous and free. Whatever your belief is all you have to do to start is repeat        

“I am a divine magnificent spirit of love and light”

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