What is Fear?

“For I am the lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, do not fear, I will help you.” – Isaiah 41:13

I’d like to tell you a story;

In the beginning God created Heaven and Earth. God then created man and woman. God then decided to give them the most precious gift he could think of, Free Will. Man will choose for himself and not be dictated to by God on how he is to live his life.

God is good, God is all powerful, everything he does is good. There is no wrong in all God creates. God presents the world to man and woman telling how everything in it is for them and their benefit. To sustain, nurture, protect and shelter them. Man and woman knew all was good and that there was no wrong, they were happy.

God showed man and woman the tree of knowledge. God warned them not to eat from this tree as he knew it would unlock the door.

Since man and woman were given free will, woman decided to exercise her free will and ate from the tree of knowledge. In so doing, new wonders and thoughts were opened up to her. She told man about these wonders and thoughts and he too ate from the tree. Once they received knowledge, man and woman became aware. Aware of their nakedness, aware of thoughts, aware of all the things around them.

When man and woman heard God coming, calling out to them, they had a choice, after all, God did give them free will. They can continue to believe all is good and go see God or they can believe now that they are aware of what being naked is, label it and call it bad. This is the first blossom of shame, a negative emotion. Now they also ate from the tree of knowledge after God told them not to. They also labeled this as being disobedient.

Remember, God is good. God is all powerful, everything is good. Everything God does is good. There is no wrong in God’s world.

Right there was the birth of the three king fears. Fear of being rejected, fear of not being good enough and fear of not getting what I want.

Man and woman had a choice even though they ate from the tree of knowledge. They could choose that everything was still all good, or they could choose fear. They chose fear.

I used this story because it is one of the most widely recognized in the world. Whatever your belief of the beginning of mankind, the same principle holds true. Man was given free will, had a choice and started labeling things good and evil. Evil was never here to begin with. All of creation is good.

When man was confronted by God, God asked why he wore a fig leaf. Man said because he was naked. God asked how he knew he was naked; did he eat from the tree of knowledge and man said, “Woman ate from the tree of knowledge first, then I did.” Now we have blame.

Fear of being rejected by God man blamed woman. Fear of not being good enough for God, man put on a fig leaf. Fear of not getting what he wants from God, man again blames woman and put the fig leaf on.

This way of thinking has been passed down in the domestication of man since the beginning of time. Fear rules humans’ lives. Everything we do. Every decision we make. Every encounter we have, subconsciously, fear is dictating our next move. What we say, how we react, what we do.

We have forgotten that when we are born, we are all ‘Divine magnificent spirits of love and light’ Infants and very small children are pure love and light. Curious about everything in their world with no judgement what-so-ever. Because we were domesticated and know no difference, we do the same to our children because society taught us so. Then they too grow in fear with judgement and ego.

Fear has grown extremely powerful as it is being fed by every human on the planet since the beginning of time. If you experience a negative emotion, you are experiencing fear.

We carry our fears around with us like an albatross hanging around our necks. In the world we live in today, it is instilled in us at every turn. We are taught competition, not compassion. Love and compassion have fallen by the way side because you have to be stronger, better, fast then the next person. We have to be right. We feel all alone in our walk. Deep down inside, when we are in bed, with the lights out, and it is only us and our thoughts, do we not think, “No one knows what I’m going through. If only people knew, they would understand.” People remain in abusive relationships because the fear of rejection is so strong that it feels better to have physical pain then rejection. Do people not sacrifice happiness just to be right, to get what they want, at all costs. Pride, ego, self-seeking is fueled by fear and nothing else.  

Next time you get angry, try to attach the fear that accompanies it. It doesn’t matter if you are right, wrong or otherwise. When a negative feeling or emotion comes up, what is YOUR fear about the situation.

Example; Your significant other cheats on you. It’s not your fault, they did the cheating. You feel anger that turns into rage. Eventually sad, afraid, confused, and vulnerable.

The Fears;

Being rejected. They wanted someone else, not me.

Not getting what I want. I wanted them, but they didn’t want me.

Not being good enough. If I were good enough, they would have never cheated on me.

If fear does not occupy your being when this scenario plays out, one would simply realize that they didn’t reject us, they outgrew us for their own welfare and are living in their own fear by not being able to talk to us first and just acting on their fear. I am good enough because that’s how I was made, ‘A divine magnificent spirit of love and light’ No human has the power to make me feel otherwise unless I give it to them and the only way I do that is by living in fear myself. Not getting what I want doesn’t come into play here either because if someone is living in their own fear and doesn’t know how to communicate their feelings to me, I don’t want an intimate relationship with them anyway.

Whatever the reason, I need to look at which one of these three fears rules my life the most and the in the words of Bagger Vance, “Ain’t a soul on this entire earth ain’t got a burden to carry he don’t understand, you ain’t alone in that… But you been carryin’ this one long enough… Time to go on… lay it down…”

It is through Trust and Surrender that I am able to ‘lay it down,’ let go of my fears. God is good, God is all powerful, Everything in God’s world is good.

I start to believe that ‘I am a divine magnificent spirit of love and light.’ I practice every day at incorporating that into my core, I must or I will never be free. Breaking the old mantra that I’m not good enough, needs to be replaced with ‘I am more than good enough for myself and everyone else.’ Recognizing every single time I don’t get what I want, how anger hits me and frustration, even exasperation. I must then laugh at myself for being so selfish and self-centered, coming to understand that God will provide for me a hundred time better than what I wanted if I just trust and surrender.

I must start to build a relationship with my higher power. Whatever you call him, her, or it. Believing is one thing, but building a relationship with God makes him an active participant in your life today. God is all powerful and has the ability to remove your fears if you ask, work on letting go of them by remembering, the one thing you will never have is control and the only thing you will ever have is this moment. In that statement alone I can let go of all the fears realizing I don’t control anything, especially other people.

Today, I am more than good enough for myself and everyone else. Now that I know I am worthy; I am open to receive miracles. It is okay for me to surpass my ___________ (fill in whoever fits this space, father, mother, sibling, lover, boss, friend) without losing love.

As I continue to trust and surrender more and more each day, each of those affirmations get stronger and stronger. I must do the work, asking God to help relieve me of the bondage of self, fears. Not just in morning prayer, but all day every day, as I take back control. Recognizing fear as it rears its ugly head and take action to release it. Becoming stronger than fear, so it cannot dictate how I live my life today.

All of this requires me to be vigilant as fear has had a long time to refine its strategy to keep me locked into it, giving it all my power.

Fear knocked on my door, faith answered it, no one was there. For fear and faith cannot occupy the same space at the same time. Faith is the light; fear is the dark. There is not enough darkness in the universe to even snuff out one candle light, but just one candle light can pierce any darkness in all the universe. Light, faith is stronger than dark, fear. And remember, faith without works is dead.

6 thoughts on “What is Fear?

  1. Hi Steve! I enjoyed your latest post very much. I am not sure if my response came through. I actually had to unsubscribe because they had my username incorrect 🤷🏻‍♀️and I was concerned that I was mistaken for another person.🤔 See you next week! Looking forward to it. 🙋🏻‍♀️😎


    The best way out is always through ~ Robert Frost

  2. It’s always a pleasure to hear your words of wisdom, based on your own personal experiences. You’ve been the candle light piercing my darkness and it’s incredible to see you reaching others through your blog. Trust and Surrender…Spirit has got us 😊

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